Rules of suite


Welcome to SUITE ITALY holiday house!

We wish you an enjoyable and relaxing stay in our home. Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information or request.

To guarantee a peaceful stay and interests of all, it is important to adhere to the rules and regulations summarized in the following page.
Thanks for your attention and enjoy your stay with us.

1 - Comply with the laws in force at specific times, particularly with those of the Municipal Police. Silence must be respected from 14.00 to 16.00 and from 23.00 to 08.00. Parents (or whoever legally exercises parental authority) are responsible for the actions of their minor children within the facility and are required to supervise them and ensure they maintain a proper and respectful behavior towards others, under their direct responsibility. In particular, they are obliged to respect silence and the correct use of the services and equipment made available by the facility to its Guests. In general in the apartment and within the entire structure it is good manners to respect the rules of good civil life.

2 - By law, the stay is possible only for those people indicated at the moment of the booking. Few days before the arrival the guest are kindly asked to fill in a form with personal data. Only people registered can be use the apartment.

3 - Unless specifically requested, check-in will be 3pm onwards. Being there no doorman, we ask you to inform us about your arrival time (and any delays) to the email or telephone number that will be provided at time of booking. Upon arrival, you will have to provide one of our employees an identity card (ID card, passport or license) required by current legislation, which will be immediately returned to you. In case of self check-in, the identification and registration procedure will take place electronically. All data is treated in accordance with current privacy regulations. All data in our possession is solely the one voluntarily provided through modules, email, fax or telephone calls for the request of our services. Data usage is exclusively limited in relation to the availability/booking request, it will not be provided to third parties, and you will be able to request its cancellation at any time by contacting us.

4 - Inside the flat smoking is prohibited.

5 - Pets are not allowed.

6 - The flat is equipped with a safe. Guests will exempt the owner from any liability in case of theft or damage of the values left inside the house during the stay. Please close gates and doors every time. The owner is not responsible for theft or damage to property or objects of your property left unattended inside the structure or in the garage and is not responsible for any damage to cars, motorcycles or bikes in the parking lot.

7 - The owner may request at his own discretion, at the time of reservation or at the arrival of the guest, a security deposit that will act as a deterrent in the event that guests damage the property. The amount of the security deposit will be communicated to the guests at the time of booking. If the amount of damages exceeds the deposit the tenant will have to refund them.

8 - At the check-out, the manager of the structure, will be able to inspect together any damage to the flat or to the furniture; if existing, it will have to be refunded before leaving. In case of self-checkout, the owner could request the refund within 14 days of checkout.

9 - Particular attention has to be paid to the keys. In case of loss, we will have to impose an equal penalty of 150.00 euro, which will be detracted from the initial deposit.

10 - At the check - out day the flat must be left by 11:00 a.m. if not previously differently agreed with the manager of the structure. In case of delay, a fine equal to an additional day's stay will be applied, at the same rate agreed.

11 - In order to respect the environment, guests should not waste water or energy.

12 - You receive the flat tidy and clean. Please keep it in the same conditions. Help us respect the environment. Separating your trash in the appropriate containers provided for specific types of waste is another simple yet effective way of helping to preserve the environment.
Do not throw down the toilet or in the sinks anything that could block the pipes, only toilet paper should go into the wc. At check-out the kitchen must be left in perfect order. The cleaning and tidying of the kitchenette is always the client's responsibility. In general, the Client is required to take the utmost care of the house, the furniture and all household supplies and equipment provided and inventoried. In case of failure to comply with the rules the deposit amount will not be refunded.

13 - These regulations are published on our website and are exposed inside the apartments.
Any violations could cause the interruption of your stay without any refund.